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About the Course
Course Faculty
What is a postpartum doula?
Who relies on a postpartum doula
Program Topics
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The Childbearing Year - breastfeeding, childbirth preparation, infant massageBirth Doula Training - Learn significance of childbirth, labor support, prenatalPostpartum Doula Training - infant and new mother careAdvanced Doula Training
Training companions to nurture new and growing families.

About the Course
The intensive 12-hour workshop will help the participant:
  • Learn basic infant and new-mother care
  • Support growing families with physical and emotional needs
  • Prepare to work as a postpartum doula
This course offers the expertise of highly trained faculty, and uses supplementary text, videos, slides, and role-play to build theoretical knowledge and teach practical skills.

This program completes one step in the process of postpartum doula certification through the Midwives College of Utah. Upon completion of all certification requirements, the postpartum doula will have the opportunity to be independently contracted by "Mothers For You", a postpartum doula service offered by The Nurturing Place. The Nurturing Place will provide marketing and public relations support for the doula, match clients with doulas, aide the postpartum doula and her client in acquiring 3rd party reimbursement, handle financial transactions and reimburse the postpartum doula for her services.

Please Note: Mothers may bring quiet, breastfeeding babies less than six months of age. Due to the intense nature of the workshop, most mothers find it easiest to bring a support person to watch the baby outside of the meeting room between feedings.
Course Faculty
What is a postpartum doula?
  A postpartum doula:
  • nurtures new mothers and growing families
  • assists the parents with newborn care
  • helps with home care, light cleaning, cooking and other work
  • watches for signs of postpartum depression, and knows where to get help
Who relies on a postpartum doula?
  • First-time mothers and fathers
  • Families with other children
  • Families with multiples (twins and more!)
  • Mothers recovering from cesarean birth
  • Fathers who need to return to work soon after the birth
  • Mothers planning to be home soon after the birth (because of a short hospital stay, birth center birth or home birth)
  • And more! A postpartum doula can help any family who has just given birth!
Program Topics
  Registration & Introductions
The Role of the Doula
Home Visiting
Honoring Women & Teaching Self-Care
Easing Postpartum Adjustment
Cultural Diversity
Supporting Breastfeeding
Newborn Basics
Partners & Siblings
Building Your Practice
Suggested Reading
  • Mothering the New Mother by Sally Placksin
  • The Baby Book by William and Martha Sears
  • The Ultimate Breastfeeding Book of Answers by Jack Newan
    or The Breastfeeding Answer Book by La Leche League
  • Postpartum Survival Guide by Ann Dunnewold and Diane Sanford
  • After The Baby’s Birth by Robin Lim
*It is not required, but recommended, that the reading be done prior to the program.