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Belly Bliss Niperi Wash
Belly Bliss Niperi Wash
With the healing properties of silver and soothing essential oils, this perineal spray will ease the discomfort and aide in the healing of the perineum after a vaginal birth. This soothing spray can also be used for nipple care (raw nipples, open cracks, and thrush) while breastfeeding.

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Iíve spent years looking for holistic personal care products that are as good to you as they are for you. After several years of experimentation and the urging of friends their personal blends, I decided to develop my own skin-care line. The Nurturing Placeís signature products contain only the finest natural ingredients. The proprietary blends are based on the art of nature and the knowledge of botanical science.

You might be unnerved to find that many cosmetics contain dangerous chemical toxins. Cosmetic manufacturers can use just about any raw material and put them on the market without needing approval by the FDA. Each day, the average adult uses nine personal care products that contain 126 chemical ingredients. Many of these products knowingly violate the safety recommendations proposed by the self-regulating Cosmetic Ingredient Review Board. The risks are more than skin-deep.

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