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Body Bliss Skin Care

Answer the following questions about yourself, and we’ll create a massage oil or after-shower moisturizer to meet your unique needs.
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For each category, check the one choice that most closely approximates your individual characteristics.
Body frame Broad shoulders/hips
Medium frame
Narrow shoulders/hips
Weight Heavy
Not too thin or stout
Endurance/Strength Good
Skin texture Pale, oily, white, moist
Soft, oily, fair, pink, delicate
Dry, rough, cool, darker complexion
Skin aging Smooth, few wrinkles
Freckles, moles, pigmentation
Dry, flaky, cracked
Hair lubrication Oily
Digestion/Hunger Moderate, no excessive hunger
Sharp hunger
Irregular or heavy diet, but still thin
Elimination Heavy, slow
Tends toward constipation
Sex drive Cyclical, infrequent
Physical activity Avoids exercise, lethargic
Likes regular exercise
Restless, active
Mental activity Calm, steady
Intelligent, aggressive
Restless, active
Food preference Dry, low fat, light, sweet, pungent
Sweet, medium, light, warm, bitter
Sweet, oily, soupy, heavy, salty
Sleep Easy, deep
Medium, sound
Short, insomnia
Reaction to stress Indifference, complacency, withdrawal
Anger, jealousy
Fear, anxiety
Dreams Water, river, ocean, lake, erotic
Struggle, fire, anger, violence, war
Fear, flying, running, jumping
Disposition Stable/logical

Indicate which group of words best describes you. Don’t let yourself get stumped on one word--just choose the group of words that is the most accurate.
Flirtatious, romantic, seductive, caring, vulnerable, sensitive, concerned with appearance, image and status conscious, pretentious, competitive, conceited, friendly, successful, exhibitionist, self-promoting, self important, calculating, unrealistic dreamer
Compliant, dutiful, conventional, organizer, respectful, submissive, jovial, willing to please, supportive, assertive, self-confident, realistic, loving, artistic, emotionally-secure, endearing, responsive, committed, rebellious, dislike authority
Friendly, congenial, sympathetic, neighborly, welcoming, well-intentioned, emotional, demonstrative, motherly/fatherly, self-sacrificing, complacent, enthusiastic, smothering, gushing, nosy down-to-earth
Intellectual, thoughtful, logical, solitary, introspective, idealistic, imaginative, extremist, revolutionary, detached, complicated, non-conformist, invigorating, refreshing, stimulating, vulnerable, melancholic
Perfectionist, efficient, orderly, strong-willed, knowledgeable, balanced, persistent, persuasive, campaigner, workaholic, self-controlled, high-minded, utopian, precise, difficult, responsible, emotionally withdrawn, religious fanatic
Easygoing, passive, good listener, down-to-earth, dedicated, try to please, put others first, originality, dislike change, modest, pacifier, controlled, conventional, traditionalist, environmentalist, satisfied
Imaginative, creative, artistic, self-assured, introverted, expressive, caring, giving, spiritual overly sensitive, deeply feeling, fragile, misunderstood, uncertain, insightful, intuitive, self-sacrificing, amiable, tolerant, even-tempered, self-indulgent, dreamer, harmonized
Extroverted, entrepreneurial, connoisseur, materialistic, sophisticated, exhibitionist, pleasure-seeker, entertaining, achiever, dynamic, sensationalist, passionate, emotional, power seeking, status seeking, perfectionist, attentive, controlling, arrogant, overconfident, willful
Forceful, intellectual, individualistic, self-reliant, assertive, moral, self-confident, motivated, influential, controlling, content, perceptive, solid, unmovable, enterprising, persistent, earnest, conventional, faithful, steadfast